Invictus K9

Invictus K9 offers canine training and advisory packages for counter terrorism, homeland security and the war on wildlife crime. 

Experienced instruction for handlers, canines and supervisors in countering home-grown terrorist operations. Added ability to design, develop and implement training solutions specific to the user and can be conducted in the operational environment providing real-world effective training. With highly experienced past-performance integrating both new and updated hybrid K9 capabilities into well known LE and Federal agencies to the highest standard.

What the clients say

“The training provided was professional, structured, and goal-orientated. Not only was Mr Crafter exceptional with regards to his handling and training of the dogs under at times very harsh environmental conditions, but, his selection and subsequent training of handlers from within the Gonarezhou ranger corps was inspiring. These are men who have had virtually no experience of taking care and working with dogs before – it was a privilege to see them develop into more than competent dog handlers, showing real understanding of the behaviour, capabilities and needs of the dogs under their care.”

Elsabe van der Westhuizen

Technical Advisor, Gonarezhou Conservation Project

“At the conclusion of the training, our certified PBDD teams were immediately put to work and have already been used at the Academy and Grammy Awards, on calls to support our bomb squad and as a deterrent at sensitive locations throughout our city.”

Michael Downing

Commanding Officer, Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau - LAPD

“Not only did you facilitate the assessment, you went further and beyond providing training, assist with veterinary care for the dogs, cultivate a relationship with the unit and purchasing of key equipment…Your team handled all situations with great professionalism and respect for the government departments that we work with.”

Kerri Rademeyer

Project Manager - Wildlife Crime Prevention Project

“The result has been a more-than-competent special operations unit that demonstrates an understanding of the behaviour, capabilities and needs of the dogs under their care. The unit has already recorded operational successes and we fully anticipate them continuing to make a measurable, tangible difference to anti-poaching efforts in and around the park in the future. “

Ian Stevenson

CEO, Conservation Lower Zambezi

The Team


Born in Zimbabwe, Jay Crafter has both US and British military experience having trained working dog teams for the US Special Operations Command, as well as several US Police Departments working in a variety of roles. Jay qualified as a Class 1 trainer with the British Army’s Royal Army Veterinary Corps. He has extensive experience training working dogs for conservation efforts in Africa.


Michael Hensman was born in Zimbabwe and has extensive wildlife management and conservation experience. His animal training experience stretches to several species for many purposes. Michael has trained working dogs for conservation and has implemented them into ongoing anti-poaching and law enforcement operations across Southern Africa.

Our Services

We aim to establish, advance and offered advisory packages to K9 units in Anti-Poaching, Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Make A Donation

Poaching is particularly rampant in poor communities who often don’t have the resources to be able to establish and maintain dog units. Anonymous donations will be used for the purchase of equipment to help Invictus K9 support their existing programs and to assist in the establishment of future programs. Donors are encouraged to contact Invictus K9, to find out where funding is specifically needed and how their contributions will help and be used.