Anti-Poaching Services

Establishment of new canine units which typically follow this sequence of events:

  • Preliminary site, risk and needs assessment (~1 week)
  • Advice on kennel construction (as needed)
  • Procurement of canines from Trusted Vendors in Holland (~1 week)
  • Transport canines to location (~1 week after procurement)
  • Canine acclimation & Pre-training (~1 month)
  • Start of Handler course (~ 2 – 3 months depending on which capabilities are trained)
  • Optional refresher training packages (~ 2 weeks per course)

Assessments of existing canine units

  • Assessment of kennel facilities, handlers, canines, training and management and support.
  • Risk assessments

We have a proven track record in Central and Southern Africa. Some recent projects include:

  • Establishment of tracking and detection dog unit in Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe.
  • Establishment of tracking and detection dog unit in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia.
  • Detection dog unit in the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Zambia.
  • Assessment of the Drug Enforcement Commission dog unit, Zambia.
  • Assessment of the SOUL Trust dog unit, Zimbabwe.

The instructors, having been born and raised in Zimbabwe are:

  • Familiar with local cultures.
  • Familiar working in remote locations around wildlife.
  • Familiar working in Tryps environments.
  • Understand types of poaching threat and problems they pose.

The handlers and dogs are trained with the following capabilities to a high standard:

  • Tracking human scent.
  • Detection of wildlife products, firearms and ammunition and other necessary target odours.
  • Bite/Apprehension.
  • Combinations of the above.